Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some inspired poetry


I find that

Hazy summer times

Are the best times

For pondering.

On a sunny breezy day

I like to ponder

The bumblebee

With her fuzzy buzzy body

Collecting our clover pollen

And I rather like to ponder

The snuffling black fade

On the muzzle of my

Good dog

With her good strong legs

And it does one good to ponder

The breeze bending the grass

My way

And one should never forget

To ponder

The ants crawling

Scurrying in their smallness

To their cities

Which are also great fun to ponder

And how could I forget to ponder

The dandelions

With their butter mellow heads

And their dusty earth scent

But most of all

I love to ponder

The summer rains when they come

And turn the breeze into a gale

And patter incessantly

Then leave, quite suddenly

Leaving a strong clean light

Which is also good

For pondering.

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