Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can I Get A...

So I must admit that I still love to listen to some rap and hip hop songs.

For a long time I told everyone that I hated rap and hip hop with a passion that bordered on a prep's contempt for a Greaser.

As I got older I started to realize how much I actually enjoyed the hip hop songs I had heard when I was around 4 years old or so.
I still don't like all  rap and hip hop music. I certainly would never hold these songs up against some of the music I much prefer to listen to (and can in fact be obsessed with, *coughbeatlesjazz80s90sandother60smusiccough*)
I've now developed a taste for at least one song from most genres.Good music is good music, regardless of what genre it's from. So in the same sitting I can go from listening to the "Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart to jamming out in an embarrassing way to "Can I Get A..." by Jay-Z

(obviously I am the greatest of all dancers.)

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