Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breakfast at The Jellies

So last night I watched a movie with 2 of my friends.
Here's some info on my friends.
In my college I belong to an elite (notreally) group of 7 girls. We are the Biddies.
C.M. (aka Orange Marmalade/O.M.)
Rose Dawson
and me.
These are all code names...except for Laura...anyhow.

Actually earlier that day Laura and I had fun as well. I made a very on the spot decision the night previously that I wanted to dye my hair. So Laura agreed, we went to CVS, and yesterday, hair was dyed...and it was dyed well. I felt pretty cool. We cordoned ourselves off in a stall and Laura proceeded to massage my head with dye (that stung for a moment) and then to wash my hair. I wasn't even able to see because water and dye was dripping down my face so I had to feel my way around the stall to find paper towels. But in the end it worked out and my hair looked great.
Moving on.

So Apricot, C.M. and I were all hanging out in Apricots dorm. We decided to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's.

It was glorious. About halfway through we realized we didn't even care about the plot, we just loved watching Audrey be fabulous.
Look at her. She's perfect. Apricot and I are now deeply in love with her and will be fighting for her love forevermore.
Later we decided to start a girl band. This happened due to this conversation
A: Audrey is just perfect, I love her.
Me: but I love her!
A: yeah, but I've already called her!
Me: but-!
A: U JELLY?!?!?

and then I was like "hey, what if we were a girl band and our stage names were things like 'Raspberry Jam'?"

Obviously they loved the idea.
So I'm Raspberry Jam. Apricot is Strawberry Preserves, and C.M. is now Orange Marmalade. We are the Jellies and Orange Marmalade decided that we would sing Beach Boys covers.

Would you pay to see us?

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